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VeryCreative Photography is a small group of photographers from around the UK and USA, all with their own individual experiences and specialisms. You will see from our extensive portfolio that whatever the project, we will match you with the right photographer for your needs.

We are lucky; our individual skills lead us to work with amazing clients, on amazing projects. Over the years, weve been to many gigs and sporting events, celebrated with happy couples and seen a fair few exhibition openings, conferences and leading corporate events. From Glastonbury Festival, to the Sumo Run, to Stephen Hawking at the Science Museum, weve been there.

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My new husband and I have spent the past week looking over and over our wedding photos by the very talented Nate from VeryCreative, they are amazing and we love them! From the moment Nate arrived on our wedding morning, I was put at ease straight away and felt completely relaxed in front of the camera, as did the groom and all of our guests. Nathan knew exactly the sort of photographs that we wanted as memories of our day. We laughed, cried and danced our way through our perfect day which was all captured perfectly on film.  We cannot thank you enough and feel that we have also gained a good friend. Ladies….he is also pretty attractive on the eye, which helps staring at a camera a little more easy! ;)   Thanks again!  

the new Mr and Mrs Strangwood (a.k.a Dan and Lara)