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VeryCreative Photography is a small group of photographers from around the UK and USA, all with their own individual experiences and specialisms. You will see from our extensive portfolio that whatever the project, we will match you with the right photographer for your needs.

We are lucky; our individual skills lead us to work with amazing clients, on amazing projects. Over the years, weve been to many gigs and sporting events, celebrated with happy couples and seen a fair few exhibition openings, conferences and leading corporate events. From Glastonbury Festival, to the Sumo Run, to Stephen Hawking at the Science Museum, weve been there.

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We reached the point in our organization that stock imagery was no longer suitable. Our customers, present and prospective, wanted to know that they could trust us, and see the faces of the people behind the business doing the things that we say we do. When we discussed this with VeryCreative they suggested a marketing photography day where they came and observed us on a fairly normal day. After we outlined our requirements – images for the website, our marketing brochures, case studies, and so on – Very Creative suggested a list of poses, outcomes and props that we’d need. On the day, our photographer guided us through the whole process and worked incredibly hard the whole day and within eight hours we all had some fantastic resources to use for the next stage of our marketing project. Finished, polished images of us and the team doing what we do best were delivered to us within a week and we uploaded them straight onto our site; everything fit exactly where we intended, and this was due to the fact that our project manager understood exactly what we were trying to achieve. Using the latest technology we had immediate visual feedback of every picture taken; no development time or post-processing required, just point and shoot and check the result. The whole team are incredibly happy with the pictures and we can’t wait to roll out more services so we can have photos taken of us then too!

Oliver Lissimore - Operations Manager